Are there any restaurants around Dejima?From East Gate, a two or three minute walk will take you to the Shinchi China Town, and a five or ten minute walk will take you to the Hamano-Machi Arcade.
From West Gate, Dejima Wharf featuring some great restaurants is located within a 5 minute walking distance. Nagasaki Station is 5 minutes distance from Dejima Station by Street Car.
Enjoy Nagasaki Cuisine!
I would like to purchase a book sold at the museum shop in Dejima.Cash on delivery is available for the book if the payment is completed in advance. For further information, please contact the museum shop in Dejima.
Museum Shop (1st floor of Deputy Factor’s Quarters)
Tel 095-820-3355
Is there a restaurant in Dejima?There is a restaurant on the 1st floor of the Former Nagasaki International Club. Refreshments and meal such as Toruko-rice are on the menu. Please come and enjoy it!
Are pets allowed in Dejima?Pets are not allowed to enter Dejima in principal. If you keep your pet in a portable cage and we confirm the safety, you are allowed to enter accompanied with your pets.
No large-sized pets are allowed to enter Dejima.
Is smoking allowed in Dejima?Smoking is prohibited in Dejima except the smoking area(open air) located behind the Former Nagasaki International Club.

We have a lot of students on their school trips. Please be considerate when you smoke.

*Littering and smoking in the periphery of Dejima is prohibited by the regulation of Nagasaki City. Smoking around Dejima is also not allowed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Can I eat and drink in Dejima?The exchange zone has some areas to have a meal, such as benches in the garden and the grassy area. However, please refrain from eating while walking around. Garbage should be taken home and thrown away appropriately.
Eating and drinking are not allowed in the restoration zone of the Sea Gate.(Except for during events)
Is there any place to get rest in Dejima?There are some benches in the garden for rest.

There is also indoor space for rest near the West Gate, which is on the first floor of the First Ship Captain’s Quarters and on the second floor of the Former Nagasaki International Club.
There is a restaurant on the first floor of the Former Nagasaki International Club.

For further information, see this chart.
As for a meeting place for students on school trips, the grassy area next to Former Dejima Protestant Seminary is available.
Is it possible to rent a baby stroller or a wheel chair?A baby stroller and a wheel chair are available for free. Please ask at the information desk on the West Gate side.
Are toilets wheelchair-accessible?For further information, see this chart.

Are there any lockers? We have some coin lockers in the Deputy Factor’s Quarters. It costs 500 yen. The coins are returned when the luggage is taken out. The size of lockers is as follows;

If the luggage is larger than the locker, please ask to deposit them at the information desk in New Stone Warehouse.

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