【Nagasaki-Kemban-in-Dejima】 – 【公式】出島〜dejima〜



Maruyama in Nagasaki used to be one of the three major flower quarters in Japan.

Here on Dejima, we will welcome you to “Nagasaki Kemban” performance which inherits its tradition.

~Romantic Dance with romantic history~

You might try playing a Japanese bell and a Japanese drum for the Geishas’ dance performance.

Venue:2nd floor of Chief Factor’s Residence on Dejima

Fee: 500 JPY / person

Date and time: February 10th (Sat), 24th (Sat), March 1st (Fri), 9th (Sat), 21st (Thu) or 25th (Mon) in 2024.

on each day Approximately 30 minutes /performance

*Admission fee needed for the entry of Dejima separately

*30 seats available per performance

*You might reserve by making a phone call or by Clicking on the URL(

  (9:00 – 18:00 on business days)

Nationally Designated Historic Site

Site of the Former Dutch Trading Post on Dejima

Hosted by: Nagasaki Kemban in Dejima Executive Committee

Administrated by: Dejima VOF

Address: 6-1 Dejima-machi, Nagasaki City

Phone: +81-95-826-0330