FAQ – 【公式】出島〜dejima〜


Are there restaurants around Dejima?
Sure. Shinchi Chinatown is only a few-minute walk from the East Gate. Likewise, Hamanomachi shopping arcade is 5 to 10 minutes away.
Dejima Warf, facing the Nagasaki Port, is within 5-minute walk from the West Gate. Nagasaki Station is about 5 minutes by tram from the Dejima Stop.
Can I purchase books sold in the Dejima Museum Shop and have them send home?
Yes, you can. Please pay the price of merchandise in advance. Books will be sent by a collect courier service. Ask the Museum Shop for more details.
Dejima Museum Shop (1F Deputy Factor's House)
Are there restaurants in Dejima property?
Yes. There is a restaurant on the 1st floor of Old Nagasaki Naigai Club. Light beverages and food menu, including Toruko Rice, are available. Please enjoy dining in Dejima.
Dejima Restaurant
Can I enter Dejima with my pet?
As a general rule, pets are not allowed in Dejima. However, if the pet is stored in a cage and the facility office confirms safety, the pet can enter the facility. Please consult upon your entry. (Large pets are not allowed.)
Is smoking allowed in Dejima?
No, smoking is not allowed in Dejima.
※The area around Dejima is a designated no-littering/no-smoking zone by the city ordinance. Please be reminded that smoking is not allowed even outside of Dejima.
Can we eat and drink in Dejima?
Eating is not allowed in the Restored Zone near the West Gate, except for special events. In the Interaction Zone near the Eats Gate, eating and drinking is possible on the bench in the garden and in the lawn field. However, eating while walking is prohibited in the property. Leftovers and trash shall be brought back home. Thank you for your cooperation.
Are there places to take a rest in Dejima?
Please feel free to use outdoor benches in the garden area. Also, the tatami room on the 1st floor of "Captain's House" and 2nd floor of Old Nagasaki Naigai Club are open for guests to take a rest. There is a restaurant on the 1st floor of Naigai Club. We recommend that group tours, including school trips, use the lawn field next to the Dejima School as the meeting point.
Are there rental strollers and wheelchairs?
Visitors can use strollers and wheelchairs free of charge. Please ask at the General Information Center or at the East Gate.
Rental strollers and wheelchairs
Is there a restroom for the handicapped?
There are restrooms for the handicapped near the West Gate and the central area.
We recommend the restroom of Deputy Factor's House for group tours.

Click here for more details.
Restroom Information
Are there lockers? Also, tell me the size of the lockers.
Lockers are located on the 1st floor of Deputy Factor's House. You need to pay 500 yen to use the locker but the money will be refunded after use.
The sizes of lockers are as follows.

If your luggage is too large for the above size lockers, it is possible to have General Information Center store it.
Can I download the brochure?
Click the button below to download the brochure.
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Is there a parking lot where large-sized bus can park?
Please find one in nearby commercial parking lots.