Two restoration projects of Dejima

Short/Middle-term project

The restoration of Dejima is carried out in three steps.

plan1In short/middle-term project, the restoration of buildings from the era of national seclusion in three steps with the order of “west/north”, “center” and “east/south”. While the restoration of buildings enable us to experience the street of Dejima, the exhibition in the restored buildings bring us the atmosphere of the life of people in the old days

[The first step]
West/North Zone 10 blocks of building included Chief Factor’s Residence and Sea Gate are restored.

[The second step]

In the central zone: 10 buildings, such as Residence for Japanese Officials and the earthen warehouse will be restored. Job of the Japanese officials will be represented in details.

[The third step]
In the east-to south zone: 5 buildings including the former Infirmary and Director’s Second Residence will be restored. The lanes, lampposts, displays of furniture and accessories will provide the atmosphere of the life on Dejima at that time.

The long-term project

Dejiam will completely be back!
In the long-term project, Dejima will be surrounded by water around its fan-shaped island to be completely restored as in early 19 century.

  • [North side]To restore the north side of Dejima, Nakashima River will be rerouted to the side of Edo-machi and Nakashima park will be maintained again.
  • [West side]In order to re-create a fan-shaped island of Dejima surrounded by water with restoration of a loading place, National Highway 499 will be shifted to the west side.
  • [South side]A current of Douza River will be changed a part of it to create a new waterway running to the sea. Urban district centered Dejima will be maintained.
  • [Buildings]Buildings and gardens will be restored. As for inside of the buildings, more efficient displays will be encouraged.


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