A series of the restoration project

Dejima was designated a national historic in 1922. With initiating the maintain project in 1951, Nagasaki City has been working on the municipalization of the private property on Dejima and maintenance the facilities since 1952.

Through the workshops and conferences held in the past, the restoration and maintenance project were undertaken since 1996. The maintenance of Dejima has been taking steady steps toward the completed restoration such as the municipalization of all private property on Dejima in 2001.

1978 Establishment of the conference of Dejima restoration and maintenance of Nagasaki City
1982 Report on the long and general initiative of the restoration and maintenance
1992  Establishment of the workshop of Dejima restoration and maintenance of Nagasaki City / Formulation of the ground plan of maintenance
1994 Establishment of the second conference of Dejima restoration and maintenance of Nagasaki City / Proposal of a draft of the short-middle / long-term projects
1996 Report on the conference / the Radical restoration and maintenance project started

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