Anecdotes in the restoration of Dejima

The Western style banister is a bit Japanese!
Some Dutch officials paid for the renovation of the buildings by themselves. Especially for the Deputy Factor’s Quarters, the second in the command of Dejima, glasses were put in the window frames and a Western-style banister was equipped. However, the carpenter who made the handrail was from Nagasaki. The carpenter imitated it from the original. The banister was made by the Japanese carpenter was different from the original and it resulted in a strange flat board. Also, green paints were imported by the Dutch people. In this way, the handrail was mixed Japanese-Dutch style, which is really interesting.

A model of Dejima by Blomhoff and other surveys were sourced to restore Dejima!
Starting the restoration of the buildings on Dejima, a model of Dejima mode by the Chief Clerk Jan Cock Blomhoff was used as reference. This model was made on a 1/30 scale. It represents details such as the roof tiles, the outer walls, plaster, doors, sliding paper doors and the layout. However, the height of the model was doubled to emphasize. Therefore, various examinations were conducted to clarify the details of the structure of the buildings. Remaining buildings in Nagasaki from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period, such as traditional town houses, Glover Garden, historic site and high-class Japanese-style restaurant “Kagetsu” and the former consular officer’s residence were used as references to restore the buildings of Dejima.

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