Food and Drinks

Eating and drinking are not allowed in the restoration zone of the Sea Gate.(Except for during events)

The exchange zone has some areas to have a meal, such as benches in the garden and the grassy area. However, please refrain from eating while walking around. Garbage should be taken with and thrown away appropriately.

restaurant1There is a restaurant on the first floor of the Former Nagasaki International Club.

TEL 090-4481-8522

Q.Are there any restaurants around Dejima?

A.From East Gate, a two or three minute walk will take you to the Shinchi China Town, and a five or ten minute walk will take you to the Hamano-Machi Arcade.

From West Gate, Dejima Wharf featuring some great restaurants is located within a 5 minute walking distance. Nagasaki Station is 5 minutes distance from Dejima Station by Street Car.

Enjoy Nagasaki Cuisine!