Must-See Spot of Dejima

Sunny during rainy season

It had been heavy raining for a while in Nagasaki but we have sunny days after that.
In this humid day, let’s take a tea break at the International Club located in The Former Nagasaki International Club….
With Milkshake!!

This milkshake is not for drink but sweets to eat!
Come and try this Dejima special sweets here.
Inside of each restored buildings are cooled nice to observe the displays.
Benches under the wistaria -trellis near the Siebold Repatriated Plants Garden is a good place to enjoy the natural cool air.

Please go straight along this alley located near the Main Gate until you see the Capitan-Bridge. The benches are near there.
This is the Wisteria trellis and the benches.
This is the Wisteria trellis and the benches.  There is Nakashima- River running behind the benches. Maintenance work is underway for the bridge construction on the opposite shore.

Hydrangea, that are planted in the ground, are blooming in this hot and humid temperature.




(July 6, 2016)




Cherry blossoms and Tulips in Dejima
Cherry blossom trees in the grassy area and near the monument to Kaempfer and Thunberg seem to be going to bloom soon.
Tulips show their beautiful appearance everywhere in the east side of Dejima, which is called “Exchange zone”.


I happened to find a unique cherry blossom tree.


This is a ginkgo tree.

If you take a look carefully,


Cherry blossoms are blooming!

The cherry blossom tree is growing naturally in a hollow of the ginkgo tree.

Try finding this tree when you visit Dejima.