Dejima Restoration Project

【Clerk’s Quarters】
This building was used as Dutch official’s residence and a warehouse.

The first floor was the warehouse and the second floor was divided into four rooms.

The appearance was restored faithfully and inside is used as display room introducing that Dejima was connected with the world and every region of Japan through the trade and cultural exchange in an easy-to understand way.

Called “glass vision” with a big screen was installed to introduce the connection between Dejima and the world on the first floor.
The big world map on the wall shows the places of the countries and cities that had a connect with Dejima.

Model of Dutch ships

The movie using the model of Dejima and projection mapping introduces the connection between Dejima and Japan on the second floor.
The map of Japan shows the each region related to Dejima.

The scene of Edo trip by the chief factor is recreated by miniature models

Imagining the whole role that Dejima played while seeing displays is recommended.
No.16 warehouse will be introduced on this page next time. (December 27)

【Completion of the six restored buildings】
On October 19 2016, the new six restored buildings as the third phase of Dejima restoration project were completed.
We had a various guests not only from Japan but also the Netherlands, Germany and Korea.

~Tape cut in front of the six new restored buildings~


During the ceremony, we had the naming ceremony of the new lily by Fr.Frans Langelaan, a flower bulbs producer in the Netherlands.

The name of the lily is ” Roselily Dejima”.
Roselily Dejima brought glamours air to the ceremony with its beautiful figure and scent.

The six new restored buildings are:

1. Foreman’s Room
2. Copper Warehouse
3. Town Elder’s Room
4. No.14 Warehouse
5. Clerk’s Quarters
6. No.16 Warehouse

Details of those buildings will be coming soon next time.
(December 9)

【Six Restored Buildings】

July 8, 2016
The six buildings show themselves.
The streetscape from the era of national seclusion is must-see.
They need interior and exterior work and display installation work in order to be open late in October.
Can’t wait for its completion.

July 2, 2016
Report from the restoration construction site.

Assembly of main structural materials of Clerk’s Office begins.
It seems that the frame of the first floor will be seen soon.

Next to Clerk’s Office, the mad-wall foundation procedure of No.14 warehouse has been proceeding.
This is the traditional method using bamboo and straw, which needs creative measure because it is not able to make holes in pillars due to its structure.
Laying mud for walls will start next week.

Come and see the construction site from between the temporary fence when visiting Dejima.



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