【Nagasaki Kemban in Dejima】 – 【公式】出島〜dejima〜


2023/11/29 出島運営管理事務所からのお知らせ
【Nagasaki Kemban in Dejima】

Maruyama in Nagasaki used to be one of three major flower quarters in Japan.

Here on Dejima, we will welcome you to “Nagasaki Kemban” performance which inherits its tradition.

~Romantic Dance with romantic history~

You might try playing a Japanese bell and a Japanese drum for the Geishas’ dance performance.

Venue:2nd floor of Chief Factor’s Residence on Dejima

Fee: 500 JPY / person

Date and time: December 3rd (Sunday), December 26th (Tuesday) in 2023

on each day Approximately 30 minutes /performance

*Admission fee needed for the entry of Dejima separately

*30 seats available per performance

*You might reserve by making a phone call or by Clicking on the URL(

  (9:00 – 18:00 on business days)

Nationally Designated Historic Site

Site of the Former Dutch Trading Post on Dejima

Hosted by: Nagasaki Kemban in Dejima Executive Committee

Administrated by: Dejima VOF

Address: 6-1 Dejima-machi, Nagasaki City

Phone: +81-95-826-0330

Facsimile: +81-95-826-0335