Kimono Experience

Nagasaki Wasou ・ Kimono Experience

Get dressed quickly into beautiful and gorgeous Kimonos!

Would you like to take a nice walk on the street of Dejima of 19 century in Japanese traditional kimonos while musing over life in Japan long ago?

・Open hours 10:00~17:00

・Venue  First floor of the First Ship Captain’s Quarter in Dejima

・Fee                                                                                                   ○Stroll in Dejima(1 hour)
Adult 2,000 yen /High school students and below 1,500yen

◆For school trip or a group of 15 or more only
Note: You must make a reservation beforehand.Without reservation, you can’t enjoy the courses below.
○Stroll in Dejima(30 minutes)
Adult 1,000 yen /High school students and below 800 yen

○Café  (one hour) 2,500 yen with coffee & sponge cake at Dejima International Club Restaurant

○Stroll in the town (three hours) 3,000 yen

Have a nice walk in the town wearing Kimonos.

Why not trying kimonos to make wonderful memories of Nagasaki?



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